Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nikon News: Launch of the Nikon 1 brand (mirrorless, interchangeable lens)

After much anticipation, Nikon have finally released details of their entry into the maturing mirrorless, interchangeable lens market with the Nikon 1.  It's safe to say they didn't invest much of their product development budget into the branding (although apparently, the name "...came from the idea of developing a completely new camera system that would be a leader in the digital age by starting from nothing, or "0", and giving birth to "1").  Hmmm.  Anyway, let's hope the technology is impressive!

The firs two cameras in the range are titled the J1 and V1:

They both sport a new high-speed CMOS sensor, an EXPEED 3 image processing engine and of course the new lens mount system.  The V1 claims to be the lightest camera in its class (for now), with an electronic viewfinder (EVF).

More details can be found at: