Sunday, 22 March 2009

Alamy subscription update

Further to my post earlier in the week about Alamy considering a subscription model for their UK newspaper clients, a couple of things have been cleared-up by the CEO, James West:
  • UK newspapers accounted for 8% of Alamy's net revenues
  • Any subscription model may not necessarily be for unlimted downloads for a client, thereby preserving the revenue per image (and commission to the photographer); however, it's also pointed out that with falling newspaper publications/pages, there may not be as much need for a growing number of images, so an unlimited option may not be too much of an issue
  • There is an option for photographers to 'opt-out', but this will mean getting no revenues from any model that's agreed, which sounds a little worse than simply less

My first few Alamy images are here. As I haven't sold any yet, anything which puts me in a more likely position to generate a sale works for me!

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