Sunday, 10 May 2015

Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve

Only an hour away from my home in Guildford, is the wonderful national nature reserve, Titchfield Haven, run by Hampshire County Council.  

Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve
As their website states, "the Reserve covers 369 acres of the Meon Valley, encompassing a mosaic of natural habitats. River, fen, pools, reedbed and meadow are carefully managed, giving protection to a range of special wildlife".

Entry is only £4, and parking (on the edge of the Solent) is free.  There's an excellent cafe too.

I wasn't able to spend much time in any of the hides, but did try them all out.  Here's a few photos of what I was able to capture, either from a hide, between them, or outside the Visitor's Centre.

Common(?) Tern



Canada Goose



House Sparrow

Mute and Black Swans

Mute Swan


Black-headed Gull


Black-tailed Godwits?

Bar-tailed Godwit?

Avocet and Bar-tailed Godwit

Finally, only a short drive away, and with a very hidden entrance is Titchfield Abbey, which is a free English Heritage site.

Titchfield Abbey