Monday, 26 May 2014

Canon News: EOS-1D X Firmware v.2.0.3

In the battle of the flagship DSLRs between Canon and Nikon, in January 2014, Canon released updated firmware for their 1D-X, up to version 2.0.3.
Canon EOS 1D-X

The firmware contains a series of updates, with input from professional photographers, and includes:

  • Improves AF accuracy in low-light situations and enhances user control of AF shooting parameters
  • More control of exposure by incorporating wider ISO ranges in automated shooting modes
  • More precise user customization for faster, more intuitive and adaptable performance

Canon USA have created a dedicated series of pages which bring all the enhancements to life a little more.  Check it out here.

UK Cashback

Until the end of June 2014, Canon UK are offering £400 cashback on a  new 1D-X from selected dealers, if you trade-in selected Canon or Nikon bodies.  More information here.