Sunday, 20 June 2010

Microstock News: Stockfresh enters the ring!

Peter Hamza and Andras Pfaff of Dream Group (who used to run microstock sites and stock.xchng) have just launched a new offering: Stockfresh.

For buyers there are are on-demand and subscription options.  Try searching now in the collection to see if there's something you're after:

It promises some impressive commissions for contributors - from 50%, alongside FTP uploads and only a $50 minimum Paypal or Moneybookers payout.


  1. Hi! I have noticed that you had post more information about your earnings, why arent you working with 123RF?

  2. Hi Luis - I used to be on 123RF, but never got sold any images (the same images were selling relatively well on other sites at the time). So, I decided to focus on the sites which looked hopeful, for my collection at least!