Monday, 4 January 2010

Microstock Experiment - 2009 Summary

Well, after the first proper year into my microstock experiment, I'm pleased to share the summary of my earnings (or lack of!!).

I had set myself a 'finger-in-the-air' target of £250 and as was evident pretty early on, unless I uploaded a considerably higher number of images, I would never make it. In the end, I made £180.89, which was 72% of my target. It worked out at about 50p per day.

Here's the summary of the earnings by the different sites:

It's interesting to see such a wide range between sites (although slightly unfair to BigStockPhoto, as I only joined them late in the day). For me, Shutterstock and iStockphoto are not only the most revenue-generating, but also the easiest to upload to.

The images I've generated the most revenues across sites are:

A lot of part-time microstockers like myself wonder whether it's worth it and as you can see, from a financial perspective, it certainly isn't! However, I am going to continue, as I've defintely developed my photography skills over the last 12 months and who knows if any other doors will open longer-term...

For 2010, I'm not going to aim for the £250 again, as I can't see myself finding much more time to upload more images. But I'll set an approximate 10% increase in revenues on 2009, so my target is a nice round £200. Wish me luck...

Happy New Year!!